Ys IX: Monstrum Nox All Presents and Max Affinity Events Guide

This list of Ys: Monstrum Nox presents and max affinity events will help you get the Ambassador of the Dandelion trophy or achievement in no time.

In Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, you'll encounter many allies that will assist Adol during his journey. Even though most aren't Monstrums themselves, they all have special abilities called Grimwald Support Skills that help you during the Grimwald Nox tower defense-like battles. You can increase their Affinity with Adol and Grimwald Support Skill levels by giving them presents, as well as viewing their Max Affinity events.

The former will usually upgrade Affinity and Grimwald Support Skill levels to Level 2, and the latter to Level 3.

After viewing all Max Affinity events in a single playthrough, you will receive the Ambassador of the Dandelion trophy on PS4/PS5 or achievement on Steam. Note that progress for the trophy or achievement does not transfer to New Game+.

Giving your allies presents will add entries to Adol's journal. Additionally, you will need to complete specific side quests to unlock some of the Max Affinity events listed in the second section of this guide.

You should check out our Journal Entries and Character Notes guide for more details. Use it in tandem with this one, and you should have no problem getting the Max Affinity trophy or achievement, as well as the Debonair Socialite trophy or achievement for filling out Adol's entire journal.

There are 16 gifts in total. You can start buying gifts during Chapter 3 and viewing Max Affinity events in Chapter 7 until the final chapter. You should give characters their gifts ASAP after you buy them in the corresponding chapter.

All Ys IX Presents 

Chapter 3: The Feral Hawk's Fury

  • Straw Hat: Hale’s General Store in Main Square for Yufa

Chapter 4: The Doll's Search

  • Floral Hat Pin: Maxim’s Black Market for Krysha
  • Razor Sharp Knife: Rijndael Antiques in Artisan Lane for Tito

Chapter 5: The Raging Bull's Treasure

  • Trick Deck: Maxim’s Black Market for Parks
  • Coffee Beans: Jessica’s Brewery in Entertainment District for Silhouette

Chapter 6: The Renegade's Secret

  • Stylish Glasses: Maxim’s Black Market for Credo
  • Broken Charm/Feather Charm: Aristocratic Noblewoman in Noble District for Aprilis (after dispelling a Grimwald Eos barrier). See below image for location reference (blue question mark)

Note: You must return this Broken Charm to Tito to have him repair it, and then give the Feather Charm to Aprilis at Ruined Belfry. Make sure to do this before completing Chapter 8 due to story reasons.

Chapter 7: Capriccio of the Prison

  • Miniature Teacup: Maxim’s Black Market for Anemona 
  • Rainbow Earrings: Pendleton Company in Central District for Chante
  • Vintage Wine: Nirvana in Shantytown for Margot
  • The Five Dragons: Edouard’s Bookstore in Central District for Jules
  • Esterian Apple: Paulette’s Produce in Main Square (Marketplace) for Dogi
  • Potent Ointment: Lillet’s Gift Shop in Entertainment District for Lucien
  • Mandragora Root: Quarry Ruins Treasure Chest for Saradhi. See the image below for location reference.

Chapter 8: Thus Spoke the Alchemist

  • Portrait of a Girl: Maxim’s Black Market for Iris

Note: Morbihan does not have a present. Instead, you need to feed Morbihan the eight unique preserved foods in order to guarantee that his Max Affinity event pops up in the final chapter. I have not tested what happens if you don’t, but do this to be safe. See the image below of the eight foods needed:

  1. Raisins
  2. White Nuts
  3. Red Cheese
  4. Smoked Meat
  5. Black Figs
  6. Grim nuts
  7. Nors Bleu
  8. Dry-aged Meat

Final Chapter: Monstrum Nox

  • Prime Smoked Meat: Durfee’s Butchery in Main Square for Maxim

Ys IX Max Affinity Events List

Here is a list of all the Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Max Affinity events, as well as when they should be available in chronological order. Some events require you to complete a quest, and others will simply appear and don't require quests.

This list assumes you've already given characters their corresponding presents and have their Affinity levels at 2 unless stated otherwise (in the case of Iris and Maxim).

You will know that a character's Max Affinity event is available to view when they have a smiley face with a heart icon over their heads like:

Chapter 7: Capriccio of the Prison

  • Silhouette: Complete “Tree Stumped” quest, and then go back to Dandelion and talk to Silhouette to view her Max Affinity event

Chapter 8: Thus Spoke the Alchemist

  • Chante: Talk to him behind the bar and view his Max Affinity event

During Chapter 8, after viewing the required 3 story events and returning to the Dandelion:

  • Dogi: Talk to Dogi to view his Max Affinity event
  • Iris: Give her the “Portrait of a Girl” present, and then view her Max Affinity event right after

Final Chapter: Monstrum Nox

  • Saradhi: View her Max Affinity event at the Dandelion
  • Krysha: View her Max Affinity event at the Dandelion
  • Morbihan: View Max Affinity event at the Dandelion
  • Maxim: Give him the Prime Smoked Meat present, AND THEN view his Max Affinity Event at the Dandelion
  • Jules: Complete “His Father’s Son” quest and then view his Max Affinity Event at the Dandelion
  • Parks: Complete “Final Dispossession” quest (be sure to view his Max Affinity event back at the Dandelion after this)

During the final chapter, after completing Belger's Request (required story quest):

  • Credo: View his Max Affinity event at the Dandelion
  • Anemona: View her Max Affinity event at the Dandelion
  • Margot: View her Max Affinity event at the Dandelion
  • Yufa: View her Max Affinity event at the Dandelion
  • Aprilis: Complete “Wanted: Bualadh-Orgh” quest and view her Max Affinity event in the Dandelion
  • Lucien: Complete "The Errant Knights" quest and speak to him at Hieroglyph Commandery (you will spawn right in front of there after you finish the quest)
  • Tito: You must get Mythical Blueprints from the final dungeon in a treasure chest located in the Fool’s Jail area. Bring them to Tito and then have him craft an ultimate weapon for one of your party members. Doing so unlocks his Max Affinity event (see image below for location reference)

That's all of the Ys IX: Monstrum Nox gifts and Max Affinity events for the Ambassador of the Dandelion trophy or achievement by maxing out all characters' Affinities. For more on Ys IX, including more tips and guides, head over to our primary game page here


Published Feb. 1st 2021

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