Arenanet Announces New PvP Map For Guild Wars 2

The new map coming out for Guild Wars 2 looks intriguing. It will either be a hot mess or incredible fun.

It has been a while since we got our last new map for the structured PvP in Guild Wars 2.  Spirit Watch was a very interesting concept, even if it seems to be a map my own team is still trying to get the hang of.  Now we have Skyhammer inbound, and we have gotten a much closer look at the map hinted in last month's State of the Game.

As with all sPvP maps, Skyhammer has three control points for players to fight over.  The map looks to be the most vertically dynamic yet, a trend among all of the new maps Arenanet has released.  Unlike Temple of the Silent Storm or Spirit Watch, however, this new map has mechanics in place to help navigate vertically other than running around to a ramp.

Vertical Gameplay

The map has jump pads which propel players high into the air.  While the effect is not drastically different from a ramp, the speed is, and it will make for some very nice play as long as the pads are placed to be easily accessible.

The map also has, on at least its lower level, sections of clear floor.  These sections of floor will shatter after a certain amount of time passes after someone steps on them.  As much fun as it has been knocking someone off a ledge to secure a buff in Temple of the Silent Storm, I can only imagine how much more satisfying it will be to get a kill by pushing someone onto a platform just as it shatters.

Really Big Gun

The central mechanic of the map is not the verticality.  It is a gun.  Hovering above the entire map is the floating Skyhammer gun, a weapon doing heavy damage in a wide AoE after a slight delay.  The stated effect is similar to the trebuchets in the Battle of Kyhlo, with the very important difference of there only being one Skyhammer for both teams to fight over.  Being my own team's resident treb-wielder, I cannot wait to fight over the Really Big Gun called Skyhammer.

The map should be going live soon.  Watch your step.

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Published Jul. 9th 2013

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