SMITE Combine for Xbox One is happening this weekend

Players hoping to participate in pro SMITE for Xbox one can show off their skills this weekend.

SMITE has added the Xbox One to its Pro League. And this weekend, players hoping to take part in professional play can show off their talent in the SMITE Combine. 

Happening February 6-7 -- that's this Saturday and Sunday -- the Combine will give players the chance to show potential teammates and organizations what they're made of. Scouts will be watching these players battle it out, and they'll be recruiting the best of the best for their teams. 

The Combine will be played as a single-elimination bracket. The top 40 players will go to the quarter finals, and top 10 of those players will split up to play in a best-of-three Grand Finals match. It should be noted that only the matches in the Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals, and Grand Finals rounds will be scouted. Because of Combine's format and the way spectators watch the matches, it's not possible for them to scout every player at every stage of the Combine. 

Anyone with an Xbox One who is interested in participating in the Combine is welcome to sign up. In order to sign up, players must meet the following requirements:

  • Account must be level 30
  • Must be ranked at least Platinum 5 in Leagues: Conquest
  • Account must be in good standing
  • Must be at least 13 years old
  • Must be able to use official VOIP software of SMITE (Curse)

If you satisfy these prerequisites and would like to sign up for the Combine, head over to TierMonster to do so. 

To keep up with all the action as the Combine gets underway, you can tune into the official SMITE Twitch channel, or follow @SmitePro on Twitter.

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Published Sep. 8th 2017

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