10 Games Franchises that Need Another Installment

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Dino Crisis

Essentially Dino Crisis was Resident Evil with Dinosaurs, and that is some truly awesome stuff. The last installment Dino Crisis 3 was a train wreck, and was released 11 years ago. I think it's time to stop running the Resident Evil franchise into a ditch, and start working on a franchise that has long been forgotten. Even a reboot would suffice.


It seems Valve is very afraid of the number 3, seeing as its been 7 years since the release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and 10 years since the initial release of Half-Life 2. I understand that having a phobia can be very hindering, but nothing is more liberating and euphoric than overcoming your fears. I think it would be very healthy for the company to conquer this fear and show the world that a trilogy CAN have 3 installments. Either way, I support their decision.


Let's face it, the so-called reboot of Turok was complete trash; You could unload 3 clips of assault rifle ammo into a raptors face before you could kill it, or just press B to insta-kill it with a knife. Even Turok: Evolution made my face hurt. I think it's about time the franchise went back to its roots with atmosphere, difficulty and exploration. Bring back Tal'set as well, because having a Native American protagonist is always awesome.

Megaman X

Yeah, I know the Megaman X franchise has had a lot of sequels, 8 of them to be exact. But the series went a bit downhill for me after Megaman X5. I think it would be amazing to have a Megaman X9 in the same spirit and style as the original. Megaman 9 and Megaman 10 have seen this treatment on XBLA, PSN and WiiWare. Why not bring back the cream of the crop?

Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG: Legend Of the Seven Stars is by far one of the best RPGs and best Super Mario games of all time, at least in my opinion. Although we have seen Mario delve into the RPG waters again with Paper Mario, but that just wasn't the same to me. There was some real magic in Super Mario RPG, and I believe that was thanks to Squaresoft (now Square Enix). Maybe they should take a trip back down memory lane, and make a sequel to it.

I can see it now... "Super Mario RPG 2: Smithy Returns!"

Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim has been missing in action for 15 years now, with the third installment leaving a bad taste in my mouth. A remake of the original Earthworm Jim was released for XBLA and PSN back in 2010. So there is still hope that a sequel to the Earthworm Jim franchise may still happen. Hopefully the legendary Tommy Tallarico can come back and compose for the series as well.

Chrono Trigger

There are 13 different endings in Chrono Trigger, and one of those endings is a perfect set up for a Chrono Trigger 2. Although having another installment in the Chrono franchise would be satisfying as well, seeing as the last installment-Chrono Cross-came out in North America 14 years ago. The series is long overdue for another adventure, and there are millions of fans who are ready to dive in head first.

Star Fox

No, I'm not talking about Star Fox Assault or Star Fox Adventures, I mean Star Fox 2. Apparently this game was already in development and was actually finished, but was never released due to the impending onslaught of the Nintendo 64. I don't want spin offs or new concepts, I want a direct sequel to Star Fox. But apparently that is too much to ask for.

*Cough--Just release Star Fox 2 already for the WiiU virtual console--Cough*


Black had some of the best sounding guns during the PS2 era. But the destructibility was the best part, some franchises now a days still don't have that level of destructible environments. The thing that stings the most is that Black 2 was in development, but was scrapped due to differences with EA. Criteron is well known for their Burnout franchise, and now they're working on the Need For Speed franchise. How about you guys take a break from the racing genre and give a little love to first person shooters?

Legend Of Dragoon

This cult classic is one of my all time favorite games. Released in North America for the PS1 way back in June of 2000. This 4-disc long epic was the gateway game that introduced me to Japanese RPGs. Since its release, it has steadily grown a huge cult following. But my hopes and dreams were shattered back in 2012, when Sony simultaneously announced that there was a Legend Of Dragoon 2 in development, but it had been cancelled.


Published Mar. 31st 2014


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