The Red Solstice announces its single-player campaign

Red Solstice is branching off of its notable 8-player co-op to include a full-length single-player campaign.

With less than a month before the full release of the Red Solstice, Ironward and Nkidu have announced that the upcoming top-down, squad-based survival shooter game will be getting a single-player campaign. 

The year is 117 AE (After Earth; that's 2280 AD), and humanity has set up base on Mars. Unfortunately things aren't looking so hot (and not just because of the thin atmosphere, which can't trap heat very well). During a particularly brutal global duststorm titularly referred to as "the Red Solstice," the human colonies lose contact with Tharsis, the Capital. When elite marine troops are sent to investigate, they encounter . . . something bad. Some kind of alien force. We're not exactly sure what it is yet, but from the trailer, we can infer that whatever they are, they do not come in peace.

Screenshot of Red Solstice gameplay.

In a recent press release, one developer compares the single-player action to XCOM or Baldur's Gate, stating that "it's part horror, part strategy, all heart-pounding action." The campaign will follow marine Tyler Hunt and the rest of the "Alpha Squad" as they plan and pummel their way through Tharsis.

You can get early access to Red Solstice now through Steam, or wait for the full release on July 9th.


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Published Jun. 11th 2015

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