"Psychological Horror Game" - Master Reboot Comes to Steam

The psychological horror game Master Reboot, will be launched October 29th on Steam, just in time for Halloween!

The developers at Wales Interactive have announced that their game, Master Reboot, will make the Steam store just in time for Halloween. What could be better than shoving down candy and playing a psychological horror game in the process?

What is Master Reboot?

In Master Reboot the world is a bit different than the norm. Within the world, memories are stored in the "Soul Cloud", so the digital echoes of the deceased can revisit their happiest memories over and over. Of course, something bad happens and your character ends up having no memory of who they are, or were, and all the good memories are turning into nightmares around you.

At this year's past Eurogamer Expo, Master Reboot was one of the few games chosen for the Indie Games Arcade, which became a very useful experience for the team behind Master Reboot. Developer Dai Banner spoke out about the experience, showing how enriching it was. By developing games for people, there's no other joy but to see people having a good time playing a game you created.

"It was nice to meet with the public and watch them play the game and get feedback from them and answer their questions,

That part is very important as we want to make games that people want to play and enjoy playing. There was a lot of love for the game which has really helped the team focus on putting the final polish on the title and making it as good as we can before its release. I can honestly say that that the Master Reboot game demo seats were always full for the full four days of the show and Eurogamer and the Indie Games Arcade have given us the perfect platform to showcase our work."

With the influx of people visiting their game during Eurogamer, the team there was also approached by Nintendo Europe, who also began playing their game. There could be exciting news for Wales Interactive, with the possible launch of Master Reboot on a console system.

"Two of the main guys from Nintendo Europe who deal with finding new products and developers actually came to our stand to play it and described it as beautiful, that has led to us discussing a Wii U version of the game."

Master Reboot will be released on Steam October 29th, so get your friends and grab some candy, and have a creepy Halloween. In December you can expect the game on the PlayStation Network as well. As a psychological horror you won't find much blood, but can you stand being in these nightmares for that long? Share with a comment if you plan to get Master Reboot.

Published Oct. 3rd 2013

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