Ubisoft Wants to Use Your Game Ideas for Free

The Next Level is hosting a contest for all aspiring game designers!

Ubisoft launched a contest of the sorts to find up-and-coming game designers. Through the contest, potential game designers are to submit an original game idea and concept art for a chance to win a free class at The Academy of Art University and have a shout out on The Next Level's Twitch.

In order to come out on top you have to accumulate the most votes through social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and The Next Level contest page. The three people with the most votes will then get judged by an industry-professional panel at PAX Prime later in the year. 

The contest runs through August 11th, so the sooner you get your idea together the better. 

Running a contest like this is great, but if I were to go through the trouble of developing an idea and concept art for a game, why go through something like this? I wish the winning design would actually be created in full by a small team of people they would give the winner to work with - that would be a great prize! But sadly you only get to take one class on game design and call it a day.

One thing is for sure, you do get exposure when the winning game gets announced over Twitch. So it might behoof some of you to submit your design get the exposure and then join something like Kickstarter once you have a small team lined up. 

What are your thoughts on the contest? 

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Published Jul. 8th 2014
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    That's an awesome idea there at the end.

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