Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Final Fantasy Fans

White Mage Hand Warmers

Price: Your precious time.

Buy It: 8-bit Knits

Y'all like knitties?

Sorry -- sometimes when I get excited I start speaking in tongues. And discovering the knitting wonders of 8-bit Knits has got me very excited. Sometimes you just want to hand-make a present for someone, and there aren't always a lot of nerdy patterns readily available.

Thankfully, 8-bit Knits has created their own nerdy patterns -- like a Princess Leia buns hat or a Phoenix Wright hat -- and shared them with the world. And most of them are free, including this dope pattern for White Mage hand warmers.

So warm your best friend's hands this season with only the cost of yarn and your fortitude (too bad there's not a spell to increase patience).

Published Nov. 12th 2017

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