Hilda, The Storm of Iron

 Before performing the deed which would earn her the name of "Ironstorm", Hilda was merely the daughter of a warrior known as Olaf Ogrefist. An Olafsdottir if you will. She did not know her father for very long, unfortunately. He died when she was still a small Norn. He met his untimely end when he applied his fist to the wrong ogre. The one who took care of her in her youth was her older brother, Gunnar Hammerfist. (Yes, this was a very punch happy family) Hilda greatly admired her older brother. He was an accomplished warrior and she hoped to kill him in a duel one day.

 One day Hilda found what she thought would be the key to destroying her brother in a duel. The often avoided berserker mushroom. She ate it, picked up her greatsword, and went to go look for her brother. Hilda greatly underestimated the amount of time that the mushroom's effects would take to kick in. Instead of butchering her brother in a furious frenzy, her brother found her a good mile away from their homestead massacring a Svanir camp in a blind rage. Witnesses claimed that the way the wrathful Hilda handled her blade was like witnessing a storm...of Iron. (haha!) Eventually Hilda tired herself out and passed out, at which point her brother dragged her home. She woke up a day later as a properly surnamed Norn and she knew what she had to do. She decided that she would travel the lands to hone her martial skills so that one day she may be able to perform the same deed while entirely sane and destroy the right person this time.



  • Graphite: No need to dye perfectly good metal a silly color, right?
  • Fog: A comfortable shade of white to remind one of their snowy homeland even in a distant land.
  • Walnut/Abyss/Black: Leather comes in many colors.
  • Midnight Rust/Tarnished Steel: Different shades are sometimes needed to make fur appear to be dyed the same color. Fur is a strange material, yes.


  • Braham's Warhelm: Made with Minotaur parts. REAL MINOTAUR PARTS!
  • Dolyak Spaulders:Spaulders made in the traditional Norn style. Extra fur for extra comfort.
  • Dolyak Mail:A coat of leather dyed white. Designed for comfort and mobility. Black leather straps used to secure spaulders and keep greatsword in place.
  • Eagle Gauntlets: Crafted to be similar in style to the gauntlets Hilda's father used to punch ogres. Very effective for punching and parrying small blades.
  • Braham's Legplates:The lower portion of the coat. Buckles used to keep it closed. Stylized shorts worn beneath the coat to stay cool in warmer climates.
  • Eagle Greaves: Great for finishing fallen foes with a stomp.

Weapon: Shaman's Etched Avenger. A large sword even by greatsword standards. Perfect for cleaving apart foes of all sizes. Flat side is broad enough to be used for blunt, usually non lethal strikes when the situation calls for it.


Published Aug. 7th 2013
  • Zorby_4500
    Not a fan of those gloves, but looks pretty good. Nice leather looking set for heavy.
  • Ecobahn
    Great Norn appearance! And some fantastic screenshots to go alongside this entry (my favourite being the one with your character looking at her greatsword!)

    Interesting in your backstory that she hoped to actually kill, not just defeat her brother in combat, yet her brother doesn't seem too worried - even dragging her back home with him after she's passed out. Harkens back to the strange relationship between Sith Master and Apprentice almost from Star Wars universe.Other than that though, showing off a great look! Good job!
  • Earthblood_5329
    Best one I've seen so far, this character is amazing!

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