Lightning Returns Guide: Canvas Of Prayers Checklist (Global)

Looking for a specific item from the Global Canvas of Prayers quest list? Here are all the quests from the Global list.

In this checklist, I'll cover all the Global Canvas of Prayers quests. These quests don't give Eradia, just stat boosts, gil, and items. Before you can start Canvas of Prayers quests you must do the quest An Evil Savior.

The Checklist:

Here is the checklist in table form. In the fist column I'll have the name and a 1, 2, or 3 to mark the difficulty. Second Column is how to unlock the quest. Third column is the items needed to complete the quest. The fourth column is rewards, there will be an H, S, M, G, and I next to the specific Health, Strength, Magic, Gil, and Items rewarded.

Name/DifficultyRequirementsItem Turn InsRewards
Shoot For The Sky (2) Day 2 Broken Gyroscope (Crash Site, The Wildlands) 20(H), 2(S), 1(M), 1,300(G), Gold Windup Key, Afro(I)
Where Moogles Be (2) Saving An Angel (Side-Quest) Moogle Dust (Moogle Village, The Wildlands) 20(H), 2(S), 1(M), 1,000(G), Nymph Wings(I)
Fading Prayer (1) Saving An Angel (Side-Quest) Old-Fashioned Photo Frame (south of Research Camp, The Wildlands) 10(H), 1(S), 800(G), Crystal Star(I)
Seeing The Dawn (1) A Man For A Chocobo Girl (Canvas) Lapis Lazuli (Inn at Reveler's Quarter, Yusnaan) 10(H), 1(M), 700(G), Urban Shades(I)
Key To Her Heart (1) Follow The Chocobo Chick (Story) Beloved's Gift (highway south of Aryas Village, The Wildlands) 10(H), 1(M), 1,000(G), Chocobo Girl's Cap(I)
Staying Sharp (1) Death Safari (Side-Quest) Power Booster (Industrial Area, Yusnaan) 10(H), 1(S), 800(G), Silver Windup Key(I)
Digging Mysteries (2) What Rough Beast Slouches (Side-Quest) Golden Scarab (Upper-level of Temple Ruins, The Dead Dunes) 20(H), 1(S), 2(M), 1,400(G), Gold Anchor, Adamantoise Shell(I)
A Girl's Challenge (1) Hunter In Light And Shadow (Story) Proof of Courage (Luxerion Holy District) 10(H), 1(M), 600(G), Silver Medal(I)
What's Left Behind (1) Hunter In Light And Shadow (Story) Violet Amulet (south of Clock Tower, Luxerion) 10(H), 1(S), 800(G), Purple Flower(I)
Forbidden Tome (2) Where The Chaos Sleeps (Story) Etro's Forbidden Tome (north of Poltae Village, The Wildlands) 20(H), 1(S), 2(M), 1,200(G), Silver Chocobo Chick(I)
Roadworks I (1) Day 9 Proof of Unlocking the Light Gate (box at Light Gate) Proof of Unlocking the Green Gate (box at Green Gate) 10(H), 1(S),  800(G), Ul'dahn Blade, Ul'dahn Crest(I)
Roadworks II (2) Day 9 Key to the Green Gate (south of Aryas Village, The Wildlands) Key to the Sand Gate (Oasis Lighthouse) 20(H), 2(S), 1(M), 1,200(G), Gridanian Sword, Gridanian Sigil(I)
Roadworks III (2) Day 9 Oath of the Merchant's Guil (Underground Route, Yusnaan) Bandit's Bloodseal (Shrine of Tablet, Dead Dunes) 20(H), 1(S), 2(M), 1,200(G), Lominsan Cutlass, Lominsan Escutcheon(I)


Total Stat and Gil Reward:
  • 190 Health
  • 13 Strength
  • 12 Magic
  • 12,800 Gil

The reward items from the Roadworks quests are crossover items from FFXIV.

This wraps up the Global Canvas of Prayers checklist. for more guides, check out my Lightning Returns directory.

Published Feb. 17th 2014

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