The Sims 4 Gets Swimming Pools in Latest Update

The Sims 4 now features swimming pools to build, for both relaxation and giving them another chance at death.

Sims can now swim in the latest update to The Sims 4 that was released on Tuesday.

Swimming pools are available to build for all players -- and it's free. After a simple game upgrade through Origin (Version, they'll be available to construct in Build mode.

Pools are extremely customizable. Many options await for those that will take use of the new feature. Players can select a certain shape of pool or can just draw their shape with the Pool Tool. They can be built on any level of an establishment -- even rooftop -- and the depth is also customizable.

New swimsuits are available for Sims to wear as well. These outfits include a two-piece bikini, trunks, and more. There's also the ability to add accessories like hats, sandals, and sunscreen.

Sims can either swim in the pool or just chill around it. But beware -- there is another new death type associated with pools, "Death by Drowning." It's very easy for a Sim to lose their life if they go into the pool either hungry or fatigued.

This update also includes many graphics upgrades and performance fixes for The Sims 4, which was developed by Maxis and published by EA. The update is available now on Origin.

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Published Nov. 4th 2014

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