15 Must Install Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition Mods for 2017

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For all those who avoided the full sticker price of a brand new AAA game plus the pricey season pass, your patience has paid off now that Fallout 4 GOTY is here, which bundles all the F4 expansions and the high-resolution texture pack in one place. (If you wait until Black Friday, I have a sneaking suspicion you might get an even bigger discount...)

But if you waited until the Game of the Year edition arrived to jump on Bethesda's Commonwealth entry in the Fallout universe, that means you've got a full two years worth of mods to catch up on! Graphics mods, skill mods, UI mods, new quest mods, and (of course) nude mods -- there are tens of thousands available, and far more than any one person could ever even play in a single lifetime.

So to get you started off right, we're rounding up a lineup of tried and true mod stalwarts that have always been Fallout 4 staples, as well as some newer offerings that will mesh well with F4's Game Of The Year edition.

Note that these are all free mods, and unlike Bethesda we're going to actually call them mods. As such, we won't be listing any of the paid "not-mod" nonsense from the Creation Club (which is just paid mods by another name). Now that we've got that little tidbit out of the way, lets get onto the must-have Fallout 4 GOTY mods!

Published Sep. 25th 2017

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