Dunkey Spoofs His Own YouTube Career With YouTuber Simulator


Videogamedunkey, known for his unique voice and erratically hilarious commentary, and the absurdist way he plays and reviews video games, tackles a novelty sim-game called YouTuber Simulator in a scathing and ridiculously meta fashion.

The game puts you in the shoes of an aspiring YouTube star, stuck your parents house, itching to break big and become Internet famous. You film and edit simulated videos, cultivate your own personality, develop your channel, and sift through helpful, and hurtful criticism, all while trying to turn that virtual cache into real dollars (for your virtual self).

When you get big enough, you can leverage ad revenue, partner with a media company, or go it on your own. How close you get to fame is up to you.

But as you'll see with Dunkey's video, things can go really wrong really, really, quickly. 


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Published Jun. 3rd 2016

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