Destiny x Redbull: Players are giving away promo codes on Facebook

Bungie and RedBull have partnered up to give players a new quest with a special code when you buy a can, but are there free codes online!

As the Destiny community knows, July 1st was the first day the Destiny x Red Bull promo started. This promo offers a new, 6-part exclusive quest for The Taken King, as well as an item that gives the players a 50% experience point boost. There was a huge controversy over this promo. Some players have already gone out to buy these special cans of RedBull from 7-11 (as it's the only place they are sold)...but not to get these codes for themselves.

Free Codes

These codes are on specially marked cans of RedBull, right under the top where they can't be written down unless you buy the drink, as you have to open the can normally to see the code. Some gamers don't live near a 7-11, and therefore can't even access the promotional materials. Other players have heard these cries for help and provided a solution: Buy a Red Bull and post a picture of the codes on Facebook groups for others to use.

This is a brilliant move by the Destiny community, as fellow guardians are giving away these codes to those who either can't don't want to buy Red Bull for the code. In many Facebook groups that are dedicated to Destiny, there are pictures posted countless times every day for everyone to use - that is, if you're quick enough to redeem the code first. 

With Bungie dropping the ball on this promo, the players have found an easy fix to the problem, and by god it works! As a player myself I was able to get a code or 3 this way without going a few miles to get a can myself. Thanks fellow guardians!

Published Jul. 12th 2015

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