Top 20 Minecraft Seeds for Minecraft 1.11.2 (January 2017)

Seed: 427874431641533422
Coordinates: 248 68 246
Biomes: Taiga Hills, Roofed Forest, Plains

Have you ever seen a woodland mansion standing so close to a village with a blacksmith? Well, in this rare Minecraft seed you get to see both of these structures spawning at 284 73 -880.

After you arrive at the spot, go ahead and check out that smithy's treausre chest:

  • 5 diamonds!!!
  • 1 horse saddle

The woodland mansion is just as full of valuables. For example, you will be able to locate a secret room with a chest at 245 66 -801 holding:

  • 1 diamond chestplate
  • 1 diamond hoe
Published Jan. 3rd 2017

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