Dinnerbone Drops Hints About Minecraft 1.9 (The Combat Update)

On Monday evening, Nathan Adams (aka dinnebone) tweeted out a seemingly cryptic message

On Monday evening, Nathan Adams (aka Dinnerbone) tweeted out a seemingly cryptic message:

The obviously attention this garnered had the code cracked very quickly by Reddit user FiredPlayer only a short time later. Player describes the method he used as a “very crappy PHP code” and then proceeded to link his cypher. What the picture has though, may be a bit more interesting to us average players:

Minecraft 1.9 UI

Considering that Mojang sanctioned a massive reddit thread for avid minecrafters to suggest changes to the well-aged combat systems; this latest update is already making some promising steps forward. As you can see, the picture has clearly added quiver and arrow holders as well as a shield spot to the inventory UI. Along with the UI changes, new arrow types have been added in as well.

The new arrow types may have something to do with potions or enchanting and that the ones now displayed might be: Gold tipped, Fire, Wither, and Poison.

While the new features look promising, it is implied that we are still a ways off from seeing any new snap shots. However summer is closing in, and it is usually around this time that Mojang likes to get most of their updates rolling out. When you consider the how long Minecraft has been out, it is a bit exciting to think this is the first major combat directed update in roughly 5 years (give or take a bow/potion here or there).

Minecraft 1.9 is expected to (mostly) be out by the end of the year.


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Published Oct. 27th 2017
  • furbyvillager
    new saddles and maybe carts shuld be added to mine craft like we shuld have western saddles and engleish ones to
  • furbyvillager
    new horse colers shold be add mine craft is missing palamions bays red roans and other types of horse
  • Luckstruck4570
    Wow this could be the beginning of a "update sequel" as for 1.8 is "The Boundful Update" this next one could be "The Combat Update", the next can be "The Building Update" and lastly or not "The Animal/Mob Update". Maybe this is a sign

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