Harvest Moon: One World — How to Get Cashmere

Find out how to complete Jamil's quests and get cashmere with the help of our guide to Harvest Moon: One World.

Cashmere is one of the most valuable materials in Harvest Moon: One World and can be used in the production of cloaks. However, getting cashmere is not easy and to be made, it requires a special type of animal. This guide will provide you with tips on how to get cashmere in Harvest Moon: One World.

Cashmere is a special type of wool that is produced by the cashmere goat, a very rare animal that can be unlocked after completing a series of short quests. Follow all the steps below to unlock this unusual farm animal.

How to Get Cashmere in Harvest Moon: One World

Talk to Jamil

After the opening scene, you will meet Jamil and his mother at Pastilla. They own an animal shop, which has only a few animals at the beginning of the game.

If you talk to Jamil, he will ask you to do short quests that will unlock new animals in his shop. These are four levels of quests called "Protecting Animals."

Each of the four completed quests unlocks the next level, and after each one you need to talk to Jamil to unlock the next one.

The cashmere goat appears in his shop after you complete all four "Protecting Animals" quests.

Complete Jamil's Quests

Below you will find the table with the list of all quests, required items, and their locations for completing Jamil's quests:

Jamil's Quest
Required Items
Protecting Animals 1 6x Chickpeas The Mine (Pastilla)
North of Farm (Lebkuchen)
Protecting Animals 2 8x Barley The Volcano (Lebkuchen)
Protecting Animals 3 4x Broccoli Small Pond (Salmiakki)
Protecting Animals 4 4x Pointy Cabbage The Goddess Spring (Halo)


Note that Barley seeds can be spotted at the volcano only in the afternoon. The Broccoli seeds appear only in the morning, which is also true for Pointy Cabbage seeds.

Get the Cashmere

Right after you bring the Pointy Cabbage to Jamil, you will be rewarded with a cashmere goat.

Add this animal to your barn and watch it produce one piece of cashmere every single day.

That's all you need to know on how to complete Jamil's quests and get cashmere in Harvest Moon: One World. For more Harvest Moon: One World tips and tricks articles, visit our dedicated hub page via the link.


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Published Mar. 12th 2021

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