DPTome: Illuminating the Darkest Reaches of Dragon's Prophet

DPTome reveals the secrets that lie in every corner of the Dragon's Prophet world.

Training dragons is a hard task, guys. Let's be honest - Dr. Phil style. Sometimes you need some dragon help while roaming Auratia in search for your next epic dragon. 

Well hero (or tremendous failure), I have good news for you: DPTome is your new best friend.

For those not in the know DPTome is a veritable almanac of all things Dragon's Prophet. The site is not run by Runewaker in Taiwan or SOE in the U.S. Yet calling it a fan site would be a disservice to the legitimacy of the site. For frame of reference while conversing with Todd Carson, Senior Producer of Dragon's Prophet at SOE, said that DPTome knew of things that had yet to be revealed to public, and even sniffed out information that some of the team at SOE were unaware. Many of the details for the Wintertide expansion was leaked by DPTome weeks before it was out in the open.

**DPTome is the Wal-Mart of Dragon's Prophet information - only you don't hate yourself after visiting!**

Since checking the site at SOE Live DPTome has been redesigned and expanded with the full launch of Dragon's Prophet. You can find literally anything you would need there - including full maps of both the overworld and most of the dungeons. 

One of the most useful things on the site for a discriminating dragon tamer is the Mastery Calculator. Using the Calculator you can plan your character's skills from birth to the level cap to tailor its strengths to your play style without having to use your valuable Station Cash to respec after you've made a dire mistake.

On the off chance thT DPTome is missing some sexy bit of information that has helped you in your quest you can also submit your own information to the site in the hopes that your wisdom can aid fellow adventurers in the future.

Click here to checkout DP Tome in its entirety.

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Published Oct. 29th 2013

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