9 of the Most Interesting Games from PAX West 2016

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Battle Chef Brigade

Trinket Studios

Battle Chef Brigade was truly one of the most original games present at PAX. It is a bold combination of genres that was clearly made from a desire to create a game that the developers themselves wanted to play. Mainly because it just didn't exist already. It combines elements and mechanics from classic beat-em ups, hunting games, shape-matching puzzle games, RPGs, and of course, cooking games.

What truly sets Battle Chef Brigade apart from other cooking games, and most other games with any sort of crafting system, is the ability to go off recipe. Every cooking battle does have a theme ingredient, as well often a particular element that the judge wants highlighted, but other than that, the player is completely free to use whatever available ingredients they want. You can end up with many different-looking dishes by the time that you complete cooking battle, and there are dozens of different ways to get to those different results, and it's all up to what the player chooses to do. Surrounding this freedom of choice is solid core gameplay packed with a swath of different mechanics.

Battle Chef Brigade is set in a world of fantasy, where its cast of playable characters are all competing in an Iron Chef inspired cooking competition, and all the ingredients are collected from plants and monsters surrounding the kitchen arena that the player themselves must kill with beat-em-up style combat. In order too actually cook the ingredients, the player must then play match-three puzzle game in order to make more room in the pot and rack up a higher score on each dish to impress the judge(s). In between matches there are NPCs to talk to, cooking and combat upgrades to buy, and story to take in; so the game offers just a little bit of everything.

The game is expected to have a five hour campaign on average for each playable chef, and with four different chefs with different storylines and play-styles, the game is expected to have a robust playtime at around 20 total hours. Add on top of all of this storylines for each chef which occasionally overlap, a gorgeously animated anime artstyle, and a great soundtrack, Battle Chef Brigade could very well end up being one of the best games released next year. 

What were some of the most interesting games you saw at PAX this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Published Sep. 6th 2016

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