9 of the Most Interesting Games from PAX West 2016

100ft Robot Golf

No Goblin

Sometimes a game doesn't need to be the prettiest belle of the ball or the most technically advanced to be good. Sometimes all a game needs to do is know what it wants to be, and then succeed at being that thing. 100ft Robot Golf knows exactly what it is. It is silly, it is stupid, and it loves it.

100ft Robot Golf is a multiplayer golf game that can support up to four players. But there aren't turns like in normal golf, but rather, a chaotic frenzy where all four players have their own ball that they need to get to hole. Each mech has different skills and abilities, which they must use in addition to flying around and destroying buildings, in order to essentially race their opponents to the hole. Everything about the game's premise, presentation, and writing is tongue-in-cheek and comedic in tone. From the corny anime trope characters to the dry humor narrations of the commentator brothers, it is all done for the sake of getting a laugh out of you.

It's a game that is fairly simple to understand and is it is immediately satisfying. We played this game with a group of complete strangers, and we were all having a blast; laughing and cracking jokes as we knocked down buildings and watched as our mechs danced at the end of each hole. It's dumb fun in the best way.

If you want absolute proof that the developers know what kind of ridiculous game they're making, then check out this tweet:  

Published Sep. 6th 2016

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