9 of the Most Interesting Games from PAX West 2016


LandFall Games

ClusterTruck is an intense, toe-curling, teeth-clenching, truly challenging, and stupidly fun first-person 3D platformer. The basic premise is that you are jumping across an endless onslaught of freight trucks, and doing your best to make it to the end of each level without touching the ground once, like an insane parkour version of "The Floor is Lava". The game has no story, or any context for what is going on, but it doesn't need any in order to be gripping and fun.

The behavior of the trucks is affected very slightly by how you land on them, as their momentum and trajectory is altered slightly, so memorizing patterns and forming a consistent winning strategy isn't a viable option. Add on top of this the fact that the trucks are always moving, often quickly, as well as in different directions, and you have a gaming experience that is based entirely on twitch instincts -- fast thinking, and quick reaction times. The levels are also usually on the short side, and the player can also restart the level immediately upon death, which keeps the game's flow consistently fast-paced. 

The game is planned to have 9 different worlds with 10 levels each, all with different visual themes and gameplay mechanics, both related and unrelated to the surrounding environment. These hazards range from giant hammers, to rotating lasers, to the classic standby of huge walls. The player will also acquire new abilities over the course of the game that will naturally enhance the simple mechanics that the game establishes at its start. These include a helpful double-jump and the ability briefly slow down time in order to more accurately position a landing.

ClusterTruck is shaping up to be a rare example of first-person platformer that doesn't just succeed, but actually does well. 

Published Sep. 6th 2016

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