Battlefield 4 Campaign Walkthrough - Kunlun Mountains

Walkthrough of the Kunlun Mountains where you meet up with Dima from Battlefield 3!

Mission 5 of Battlefield 4 starts out with a cut scene. You and Irish are being held hostage and tortured by the Chinese. Irish gets testy--like he always does-- and starts to say that he will kill Hannah for her perceived betrayal. You are electrocuted until you pass out. When you finally wake up you see a familiar face, if you've played Battlefield 3, and it's Dima! He is alive, well, and willing to help you break out of the prison. 

This is a walkthrough of the mission and the location of the dog tags, which are highlighted in bold throughout the article! For other walkthroughs and guides check out ChizeloffdaBlock's Guide List.


Dima will hand you a shank and you will need to look down at it to obtain the weapon. He'll talk to you about his escape plan and make way for both of you to head out the back wall of the cell. Once he busts through the wall, climb up and onto the pipes after him. This part is pretty simple because you just need to follow Dima, but make sure you are careful with jumping on the pipes so you don't fall off! 

He will stop to take out an enemy and you will have to jump down from the ledge. Once he takes out the enemy you will head out the door and down the stairs until you come across a Chinese soldier. Take him out with the shank that Dima gave you and pick up the gun off the floor. Make your way as far as possible down the hall and try not to shoot if you don't have to! Also it will be advantageous if you stay out of the search lights while you're taking out the enemies. 

Once you've taken out as many Chinese soldiers as possible, you will be spotted and forced to use your gun. Kill them as you make your way up the stairs in the middle tower to pull the levers. Dima will then tell you to head to the elevator. I would recommend killing as many enemies as possible before exiting the tower so you are under as much cover as possible--there are a lot more of them than you think. 

When you are finished, pass through the gates and you will find Irish being beaten. Kill Irish's attacker and move on following Dima and Irish to continue your escape plan. In the very next room you should see dark holding cells to the right. The furthest cell down will have the first set of dog tags on the left wall.

Take out the enemies in the next room and continue on with Dima and Irish. Take advantage of the rooms on either side because they will provide you with great coverage. 

Get on the elevator and pull the lever. Once the doors open, you can let the other prisoners go first and then easily clear out the room of Chinese soldiers. Continue pushing forward and ducking behind coverage until you make it to a control room. While Dima is hacking the system you need to protect him, if you climb up the catwalk on the left you will find the second set of dog tags in an electrical box.  Kill the soldiers coming from the helicopters and when the last enemy is dead help Dima open the gates.

Two soldiers will knock you out and when you wake up Hannah will kill them and rejoin your team. 

Reaching the Tram

Go out the door and head to the left and take out all the soldiers with your shank. If you don't rush this part you can kill the first four or five enemies without even being detected. Once you're at the bridge there will be an armoured vehicle that you can take out using one of the weapons available to you at the building on the left. Stock up on grenade launchers and it will make the next part of the mission so much easier. Keep fighting your way forward and before you go to the tram, look under the ramp and to the ledge. Sticking out from this ledge you'll see the third set of dog tags. Now, head up the ramp and onto the tram to complete the mission. 

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