5 Video Game Characters and Their Sucky Lives

Isaac Clarke

Dead Space

Anyone who has ever played, watched, heard of, listened to, or even smelled a Dead Space game, just leave. You’re already done with this article. You know how horrible such an existence would be. I mean, seriously, either God has the most macabre sense of humor since the clown from the original Dead Rising, or Isaac was just dealt the worst possible hand in existence.

What was supposed to be a simple repair job becomes a horrifying mission to escape from the Ishimura with his life. His entire grasp on reality itself becomes shattered. He loses his girlfriend, his mind is infected by the Marker, and dementia loosens his grasp on reality. And that's not to mention the seemingly endless hordes of Necromorphs jumping out of every corner.

His run in with the undead didn’t end after one hellish adventure either. Oh no, that would be far too forgiving. He's done it three times. Just him against waves and waves of these terrifying creatures hell-bent on murdering him aboard frozen wasteland planets and abandoned ships.

He’s not even a soldier mind you, just an engineer who was supposed to fix some machines or whatever it is educated people do.

You know this game is rough. It has the jump scares that will make you scream and throw your controller, plus the eerie atmosphere to make you cringe, cry, and look over your shoulder. If it’s that scary playing with headphones in the dark, just try to imagine living it. Though I doubt any mere mortal could truly fathom such treacherous depths...

Published Apr. 8th 2017

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