11 Great PC ARPGs to Play Instead of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

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Aarklash Legacy

Aarklash is a unique entry on this list because it melds two usually disparate genres into one: turn-based strategy and hack n' slash. It's worth checking out for that fact alone, but it has some other unique factors that make it a must-play. 

Instead of making your character from the ground up, Aarklash starts off with four pre-generated characters coupled to specific classes. There's also a tactical level added to the game's combat encounters because party members must work in tandem to survive, forcing players to pause to issue orders.

That might not sound much like an ARPG, but trust me: the rest of the experience, from the loot system to leveling and how combat plays out, is everything you're looking for in a Diablo clone.

Plus, this crew of hardened mercenaries is just plain fun to follow around as they valiantly try not to die. 

Published Feb. 21st 2020

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