League Of Legends North American Collegiate Championships

Collegiate teams get the opportunity to face off tor $100,000 in scholarships.

Full time college students from the United States and Canada can register to compete in the Collegiate Open. Not only will players be competing for the title 'North American Collegiate Champions,' but they will be competing for $100,000 in scholarships. The top teams will compete live after LCS matches.

The announcement on the League of Legends launcher.


Registration opened on January 6th, and remains open until the 22nd. To register as a team, players must be full-time students attending the same university. Furthermore, teams need to be from officially accredited schools with proof of enrollment. To register your team check out the official registration site.

Collegiate Open:

The Collegiate Open places registered teams against each other, competing for eight spots in the championships. With random seeding, the teams get placed in a single-elimination tournament. Each round consists of a best out of three match.

The IvyLoL's Season 3 Playoffs bracket.

North American Collegiate Championships:

The top eight teams from the Collegiate Open will join four teams from CSL qualifiers and four from the IvyLoL's fall season. The 16 teams will be split off into four groups for the qualifiers, with the top two teams in each group advancing to the quarter finals. After the quarter finals, the final four teams will compete live during an LCS event.

If you have a team at your college, don't let this amazing opportunity pass you by.

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Published Jan. 10th 2014
  • Jay A
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    VERY excited about this. I've been following competitive League since early 2011 and while I think that LCS is amazing, I always enjoy watching competition like IvyLoL and Challenger tournaments. Maybe it's just because I love eSports, and things like this are awesome for growth. Good read.

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