Konami: Ground Zeroes PS4 at 1080p, Only 720p on Xbox One

Another game that hits higher technical benchmarks on the PlayStation 4.

Recently, we've seen the frames per second argument crop up. Many PS4 versions of multiplatform titles appear to perform better than their Xbox One counterparts in the FPS department.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes should run at a silky smooth 60FPS on both next-gen consoles. Fortunately for PS4 users, though, the iteration on Sony's console will run at a native 1080p resolution, while the Xbox One version will sit at 720p.

You can check out the screenshot comparisons over at Konami's website. Some people don't care too much about the high-definition maximum, while others consider it a major priority. At the same time, other gamers really put a premium on frames per second - as that affects the gameplay - so it's just about your priorities.

Previously, MGS creator Hideo Kojima said Ground Zeroes looks "slightly better" on PS4, and he was also quoted as saying Sony's machine can handle 1080p and 60FPS with relative ease. However, it should be noted that other industry insiders say the Xbox One can catch up in these technical categories. It's merely a matter of developers getting the most out of the system.

I've never really put too much stock in resolution. If it's HD, I'm good with that. I can definitely notice the differences between 720p and 1080p, as I often can between 30FPS and 60FPS, but such differences aren't game-breakers for me. Are they for you?

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Published Feb. 17th 2014
  • Rob3rt Gittin9s
    The PS4 version looks good! I was surprised by the difference between 720p and 1080p!

    720p is noticeably softer and less crisp, at least both Xbox One and PS4 versions are at 60fps but I reckon Xbox One version will have more dips in frame rate compared to PS4 version. Kojima said PS4 version can handle 1080p with room to spare!

    PS4 version looks better, crisper and smoother. Xbox One already showing signs of being weaker on a majority of the cross gen games.

    Titan Fall on the other hand, has a lot of attention at the moment but I get the feeling people are over-hyping this game.

    In my opinion and I know not everyone will agree with me but Titan Fall is over-rated, over-hyped and over-marketed. I thought Brink looked awesome but that game disappointed me so much but probably because no one plays it on PC.

    In a personal technical stand point, Titan Fall runs at 720p which is not good enough for next gen game that they are touting to be a system seller! Considering we have had games running at 720p on 360 and PS3 for some time now, 720p is not good enough. It's not a sharp or crisp at Full HD, and has no chance against 4K!

    These new consoles are supposed to me more powerful right? I'm just not seeing it right now, especially on Xbox One.

    When I first played Assassins Creed 4 BETA on PS4 that was still only in 720p at the time.. That game looked horrid, worst game at the show.

    Jaggies were too damn noticeable.. but I'm glad the final release had a 1080p makeover, because the game looks a lot better! I would not of bought AC4 on PS4 if it didn't already come with the bundle but was pleasantly surprised by how much better the quality in graphics were compared to the beta version I played. I wonder if the Official Titan Fall release will look better than the BETA? One can hope but with the game specs said to be 720p I doubt it!

    1080p gaming should be standard now! Titan Fall needs to be better, people are saying the game works well but its a game that has been built from the ground up to be experienced with certain features missing. People don't miss what they don't have unless you expected more like myself.

    In other words they won't know what they are missing, had better features already been implemented!

    Titan Fall does not have destructible environments which is a major flaw aside from the low resolution. In a game about giant titan robots and first person, parkour shooting, one would of thought destructible environments would be common sense!

    Okay the game works without it but only because the game was built around that! I bet if there was destructible environments the game would play slightly differently but still work and probably be better and more realistic!

    Those titans should rip the game world to pieces, creating a whole knew battle ground to play through. The game environments should become larger during Titan battles. Not enough immersion is my main complaint with Titan Fall Beta.

    Red Faction: Armageddon did a good job with destructible environments, even BF4 has good destruction.

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