ThreeZero Introduces Titanfall Atlas Figure

Is Titanfall worthy of having its own toy line?

Back in March, Hong Kong based vinyl toy manufacturer ThreeZero announced that they had acquired the license to produce figures based on Repawn's debut title Titanfall. ThreeZero has been producing vinyl figures for over 10 years now, and have also acquired the license to create figures based on AMC's The Walking Dead.

The figure chosen to debut the new toy line is the Atlas, which was recently put on display at the Thailand Toy Expo.  In the game, the Atlas represents a perfect balance between armor and mobility as well as being the first produced Titan class.  It seems fitting that it be the debut figure for this toy line.  This figure, along with its pilot, are at a 1/12 scale, which puts the pilot at 6" in height and the Atlas at around 20.5" tall.  The Titan will feature a wealth of articulation, right down to moveable fingers and cockpit access.

But is the game worthy of its own toy line?

In my opinion, the game is indeed worthy of its own line of figures, but keep a one thing in mind.

First, the figures should be of the overall quality that we are seeing here from ThreeZero in regards to size, articulation and attention to detail.  For me, I am a huge fan of Generation 1 Transformers and have been since I was a kid, when the show was first aired.  I still have all my toys from back then.  They were really high quality toys made for mainstream purchase compared to the train wrecks they make today.  Back then, they were more metal than plastic and they had actual rubber tires that were treaded and said Firestone on them. 

So unless you invest in any of the available collectors grade or Generation 1 rereleases that have been produced, the mainstream toy lines just feel cheap and thrown together.  The Titans need to have the level of quality that toys had back then or even surpass that quality, which I think they have done.

So from my experience with this kick ass game, and what I have seen of the prototype figure, I would say Titanfall is worthy of its own toy line.  The overall quality and simple coolness factor of having this Atlas sitting on my desk next to my starships and Transformers push it into the "Mommy, can I have this new toy?" category.

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Published May. 5th 2014
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    I'd definitely buy the toys!

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