New Gears of War 4 Gameplay Video Features New Enemy Race

In new gameplay footage from Gears of War 4, we see the new enemy race and Marcus Fenix getting angry at his greenhouse being wrecked.

Desperate for some more Gears of War 4 footage to get excited over? You're in luck, because developer The Coalition has released an eight-minute video of just that, which not only shows off old man Marcus Fenix back on the battlefield but also the new enemy race you'll be battling.

Whereas the original three games (developed by Epic Games) featured the hulking and horrifying alien race called the Locust, Gears of War 4 will have you gunning down an army of robots called the Deebees, making for a more soulless enemy.

The gameplay takes place on the Fenix estate and sees protagonist J.D. Fenix (son of Marcus) and his team, plus Marcus, dealing with an oncoming assault of enemies. All the while Marcus complains about how his tomatoes are being ruined. Classic Marcus Fenix.

Back in August 2015, The Coalition's studio head, Rod Fergusson (who had previously worked on all of the other GoW games) stated that this new entry will aim to tell more of a personal and morally ambiguous story. He believed that Gears of War 3 got so caught up in the war between the humans and the Locust that it lost a lot of tension, and that the studio would be trying to evoke "that sense of mystery" and "things going bump in the night."

Gears of War 4 will be released worldwide on October 11th as an Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning that you can buy a digital copy on either Xbox One or PC and have access on both platforms.


Published Aug. 9th 2016

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