Monument Valley Expansion Forgotten Shores Now Available

Monument Valley Forgotten Shores now released on both Android and iOS platforms.

The long-awaited expansion for Monument Valley has finally been released on Google Play. Now both Android and iOS users can enjoy the Forgotten Shores expansion of Monument Valley. The game is available for $3.99 and for an additional $1.99 you can get the expansion via in-app-purchase. Forgotten Shores adds 8 new levels to the game, bringing the total up to 18. 

Monument Valley is an incredibly polished game, which has become a unique aspect for mobile gaming, but the biggest drawback of the game is its length. The original Monument Valley comes with only 10 levels, which could be beaten in one to two sittings, but now you can almost double the playtime with the new expansion.

If you haven't had the opportunity to try the game, you can purchase Monument Valley without the expansion for $3.99. It isn't your typical action-packed mobile game such as Modern Combat or Grand Theft Auto, but resembles a more peaceful adventure style of gameplay similar to Osmos or Sword and Sworcery. If you are looking to get sucked into a new game, or looking to get back into one you have played before, be sure to check out this new expansion.

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Published Nov. 24th 2014
  • Adam Koziol
    I hadn't heard of this game until now but it looks very interesting!
  • Ryan Mayle
    Featured Contributor
    I'd highly recommend the game. I couldn't put the game down until I completed it.

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