Is League Of Legends Dying?

Is the worlds most popular MOBA dying? Read why it is, and isn't, in this article.

If you have been on Gaming forums, or the Internet in general in the past few months, you may have seen a load of people say that the most popular MOBA, League Of Legends, is dying.

So, let's start from the root, shall we? 
The start is actually quite recent. When the Overwatch Beta started, everyone with a computer and some money was moving on, and jumping straight on the hype train. The game is still standing strong, even after a few months after it's release. 

"So, what does that have to do with League?" I hear no one ask. 
Well, for some reason, many players are moving on from League, and going to Overwatch. Probably because of it's competitive gameplay, but with a much nicer fanbase and players, and more streamlined heroes and easy to learn mechanics, or just the fact that "Everyone else is doing it!"

Either way, the people are moving on, but does that mean that the game is dying, or that there will be no more players?
Well, no.

While many people are moving onto Overwatch, League's status as a popular Esport, and a F2P game, will have it standing for at least a couple more years, if not more. 

And League has way more characters to play as, with many ways to play them, and a wide variety of abilities. It doesn't matter if you like being in the frontlines, or staying back, healing, and throwing the occasional attack, League has something for you.

So, in conclusion, is League dying? 

Yes, and no. 

If a game is dead when it loses a certain amount of it's players, then yes, it's dying.

But if you're satisfied with the millions of players still enjoying the game daily, then no, the game is still very much alive, and will stay that way for quite some time.


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Published Aug. 10th 2016

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