10 Best PC Games for Kids in 2017

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Yonder: The Cloud Chaser Chronicles

Everywhere I've been on the internet while looking for great kids games of 2017, I've repeatedly seen Yonder: The Cloud Chaser Chronicles mentioned, and if you are familiar with the game, then you will know why.

This beautiful adventure game focuses on exploration and crafting as its staple theme. There is no combat in the game, which makes it ideal for younger children and makes the game very relaxing and easy going. As you explore the island of Gemea, you befriend and train animals, gather fruit and resources, and then build your own farm to help generate food and resources for the inhabitants of the island.

Yonder is out on Steam now for PC and also available on the PS4.


Do your children play any of the games on this list? Maybe they play something else? If so, please let us know which games your children play so that we can check it out as well! 

Published Nov. 17th 2017

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