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When does my article start earning money?

Articles and content start earning money after promotion from the lobby and for the next 30 days. Editors promote from the lobby directly to the live area of the site.

When and how do I get paid?

We will process payments via PayPal on the 5th of every month. You must have earned at least $15.00 USD. Payment is made in the month after thirty (30) days have been completed (example: article promoted 1/15, completes 2/14, paid 3/5).

Is there a maximum amount I can earn?

No way! We thought putting a cap on this program would be lame, so you can earn as much as you can muster. Writers who earn over $600 in a calendar year must complete a W9 form for accountability purposes.

Does money roll over each month?

The minimum payout is fifteen ($15.00) USD; if that threshold isn’t met, the payment will absolutely roll over to the next month.

What type of content is eligible?

Anything game related! We are looking for great content in game culture, news, guides, reviews & videos. However, some restrictions apply:

  • Articles must be 100% original content written using GameSkinny, with the exception of videos. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • We only require a minimum of 150 words, but keep in mind evergreen articles (600+ words and slideshows) often perform best with page views and SEO.
  • Articles must be ones that our readers would genuinely enjoy. Self-promotion and SEO spam will not be accepted. Editors have final say on all promoted content.
  • We avoid duplicates and too-similar content where possible.
  • You should have a firm grasp of the English language and be able to write with correct grammar and punctuation. Please proofread.

What do the editors do?

The editors are here to help you. They read every piece of content that comes to the site. Great content may automatically get promoted out of the lobby or they will assist and give suggestions in helping your good content become great before promotion. It’s all about getting you more views.

How can GameSkinny help get me more views or offer support?

We can help 3 ways!

  1. Here are some great articles to get you rolling and a link to our growing collection of case studies that analyze highly successful GameSkinny articles. Also, remember our Golden Rule of Shareable Content!
  2. Apply to our Journalist Training Program. Earn bounty while working closely with the editors to spiff up your writing, develop skills, and learn the practices that get views.
  3. Join our Writers Workshop to receive a challenge and the winning article will be edited live.

How awesome is this?

Pretty freaking awesome.

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