Mass Effect 4, Shepard In Mass Effect 4?

How can Mass Effect 4 sell without Commander Shepard? Is Bioware tricking us?

I love the Mass Effect series but the ending to Mass Effect 3 was rather disappointing and even the extended cut did not change how I felt about that poor ending but if the ending was that way on purpose for a big surprising reveal then perhaps my faith will be restored in the beloved franchise. 

So why we haven't seen anything yet except for this concept art (featured on the Bioware blog)?  

Why would this Mass Effect Producer suggest to us to keep our Mass Effect 3 saves when the story ended with Commander Shepard?

BioWare have stated that Mass Effect 4 won't star Commander Shepard and that ME3 was the end of the Shepard trilogy. So how can they up sell a fourth instalment of a game without the main protagonist, Commander Shepard?

Many people hated the ending to Mass Effect 3 so much that EA's reputation was damaged and then of course there is the indoctrination theory that many believe to be true. 

I have a feeling that BioWare have been pulling a fast one on us for years and the whole ruse will be revealed which will turn out to be mind-blowing and make Mass Effect 4 sell like hot cakes whilst restoring our faith in the story and the writers.

Perhaps BioWare have been telling us white lies, Commander Shepard's journey as a playable character might have ended in Mass Effect 3 but he/she must still be mentioned in the game in some form even if it's brief after all Shepard has clearly become a legend as hinted at in the after credit sequence. 

This explains one of the main reasons for not having Command Shepard as the main playable protagonist. We know that Shepard has become an awe-inspiring character that we are lead to believe it either dead or partially alive depending on how you finish the third instalment.

So Shepard won't be playable, which is fine especially if it’s for a greater purpose. What purpose? We can only hope that Shepard’s absence adds to the story in a good way that won’t ruin the already established character and story.

What if the story of ME4 is about saving the universe yet again from another unknown enemy that is associated with the reapers? This new enemy could be reminiscent of the character Saren who worked alongside the reapers in Mass Effect 1 because he was heavily indoctrinated. 

Indoctrination plays a huge role in the Mass Effect universe so what if this unknown enemy is Shepard? What a story that would be! Commander Shepard turning to the dark side, it's like Darth Vader all over again. 

Would you buy Mass Effect 4 if you found out that Commander Shepard has become the new main antagonist? I certainly would! 

His appearance in the game could be limited, a hidden threat we unmask during the game. It's certainly not the first game to bring back a character that we were lead to believe gone. 

If what I've said turns out to be true, then EA, Take my money!


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Published Jan. 2nd 2015
  • allie_2212
    First of all he was placing an opinion, second of all do you have to be so rude Andy? How about you post an opinion and I call you names for it? Honestly what have humans turned into? Damn

    also in my opinion, if they want to make something totally new then give it another title which hasn't got mass effect to it, because mass effect isn't just about shooting things down, its also about the characters and their story that made this trilogy so great, and if you are only in it for the shooting then you haven't grasped the idea of mass effect and should go find a different game with no storyline
  • Drew Foster
    Eh, I think they just want you to hang onto your save because the way you finish 3 will have huge effects on the way the universe develops between 3 and 4.

    I really don't think Shep will show up in any form, unless you turned him/her into an AI for the control ending.

    THAT would be a cameo worth seeing, like Hawke showing up in Inquisition.
  • Andy_7683
    I hope none of what this article wants to happen ends up being true. What a dumb article.

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