Is This Image Hinting at the Next Champion for League of Legends?

Riot hints this image was taken from the perspective of a champion, but that champion is not Vi. Could it be a new one?

Lucian has been out and about on the Fields of Justice for a good solid week, so naturally it is about time for us to start getting rumors about the next champion we can look forward to releasing in League of Legends.

This time, the rumors are both more cryptic and more obvious than usual.

This question gets significantly more perplexing given the tattoos, nail colors, and one very simple quote from Riot's own Gypsylord:  "It's not Vi."

The image above was released recently by Riot Games and at first seems fairly unexciting.  A bit of joy at a possible pool-party Vayne skin, since it sure looks like her in the one-piece on the left, but then someone raised the question of exactly whose perspective the image was depicted from.

This question gets significantly more perplexing given the tattoos, colors nails, and one very simple quote from Riot's own Gypsylord.  "It's not Vi."

With Vi being removed as a possible candidate, the plot thickens!

But it would hardly be a mystery worth discussing without a few more little hints from Riot's staffers, so here's what else we know.  Xelnath says it is:

"something > Vi"

while WizardCrab added in the even more frustratingly cryptic and potentially telling,

"Are you so sure the person's a girl?"

So what does everyone think? Is this a new skin for LeBlanc, Ezrael, Caitlynn, or someone else?  Is it an entirely new champion we are just now getting our first glimpse of?

Why is Riot doing this to us?!  Chime in below if you have a theory, I cannot be the only one seeking definitive answers on this!

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Published Sep. 1st 2017

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