Tri Force Heroes Ultimate Costumes Guide: How to Dress for Success

With the number of costumes in Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, picking out just the right one can be daunting.

Link's latest adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes takes place in the fashionable kingdom of Hytopia. Humbly residing among the townsfolk is a magical tailor that crafts powerful costumes unlike any before her.

Unlike her jealous sister, Madame Conture has a strong sense of style and will craft any costume that Link can provide the materials for. Collecting materials for every outfit available in the game is an arduous task, but the array of costumes available once you are finished is well worth the effort.


The Ultimate Guide to Costumes and Outfits

There are 36 costumes available in Tri Force Heroes as of the game's release. Madame Conture will craft 34 of these outfits for you, while the remaining 2 come from playing through the story.

When you obtain a new costume, Madame Conture will ask you to try it on, and you will unlock the ability to select it anytime you go to the Castle for adventure in the Drablands.

Hero's Tunic

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Hero's TunicThe hero's way!
    • Hytopian Silk x1
      • 0 Rupees

The Hero's Tunic is the first costume Madame Conture will craft for you after proving that you indeed have stylishly pointed ears. This outfit offers no particular benefit or disadvantage and exists as a default option.

Cursed Tights

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Kinda Cursed TightsSlightly used tights!

The Cursed Tights are rewarded to the player upon breaking Princess Styla's fashion curse. This costume grants a 50% Lucky bonus to avoid getting hit, but you take double damage from enemies.

Lady's Ensemble

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Lady's EnsembleLift the curse!
    • Lady's Glasses x1
    • Lady's Collar x1
    • Lady's Parasol x1
      • 0 Rupees

While in the Drablands, the Lady's Endemble causes hearts to drop more frequently and adds an extra heart onto your max life.

Tri Suit

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Tri SuitA dynamic trio!
    • Friendly Token x5
      • 300 Rupees

When all 3 Links wear the Tri Suit, they uncover hearts and rupees more often, dodge 25% of all attacks, and deal more damage.

Timeless Tunic

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Timeless TunicNostalgia overload!
    • Friendly Token x3
      • 100 Rupees

When the Timeless Tunic is worn, the music transforms to resemble 8-bit style tunes.

Bear Minimum

  • Your original outfit!

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Bear MinimumYou arrive in Hytopia with the Bear Minimum. This outfit removes a heart of maximum life and causes Link to receive double damage. There is little reason to use this costume unless you're helping a friend gather materials in the PvP Coliseum.

Kokiri Clothes

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Kokiri ClothesMaster the bow!
    • Blob Jelly x1
    • Armos Spirit x1
      • 100 Rupees

Kokiri Clothes are crafted from various materials found in the Woodlands. Using this outfit with a Bow will cause Link to fire 3 arrows at a time.

Big Bomb Outfit

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Big Bomb Outfit CostumesBombs! Big ones!
    • Armos Spirit x1
    • Tektite Shell x1
      • 100 Rupees

The Woodlands houses all the materials you need to craft the Big Bomb Outfit. Wearing this costume will enlarge any Bomb you use or pick up. These Bombs deal double damage and have a larger blast radius, so be cautious throwing them around.

Legendary Dress

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Legendary DressTrue style wisdom!
    • Tektite Shell x1
    • Sweet Shroom x1
      • 200 Rupees

Rarer materials from the Woodlands will craft the Legendary Dress. This outfit increases the drop rate of hearts.

Lucky Loungewear

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Lucky LoungewearDodge attacks!
    • Sweet Shroom x1
    • Blin Bling x1
    • Gohma's Eye x1
      • 200 Rupees

Lucky Loungewear is crafted from rare materials found in the Woodlands area. Wearing this costume offers a 25% chance to avoid attack damage.

Zora Costume

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Zora Costume OutfitsSwim like a champ!
    • Fresh Kelp x1
    • Zora Scale x1
      • 400 Rupees

You can craft the Zora Costume by collecting materials in Riverside. This outfit allows for faster swimming in water with the use of the 'A' button. You could even swim through swift currents!

Torrent Robe

  • Zelda Tri Forcce Heroes Costumes Outfits Torrent RobeWater Rod revelry!
    • Fresh Kelp x2
    • Hytopian Silk x1
    • Aqua Crown x1
      • 600 Rupees

Adventure in Riverside to find the materials you need for the Torrent Robe. This costume doubles the radius of the Water Rod.

Jack of Hearts

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Jack of HeartsTake Heart!
    • Hytopian Silk x1
    • Octorok Sucker x1
    • Fairy Dust x1
      • 600 Rupees

Rare materials from the Riverside help you craft the Jack of Hearts. Wear this outfit to gain an extra heart container.

Goron Garb

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Goron GarbLove that lava!
    • Goron Ore x1
    • Monster Guts x1
      • 600 Rupees

Collecting materials in the Volcano allows you to craft the Goron Garb. Wearing this costume grant you the ability to walk on lava and pass through fire without getting burned.


  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits BoomerangerRule the 'rang!
    • Goron Ore x1
    • Demon Fossil x1
    • Rugged Horn x1
      • 800 Rupees

Volcano materials are sufficient for crafting the Boomeranger outfit. With this costume on, Boomerangs pass through and damage enemies.

Energy Gear

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Engergy GearFeel the energy!
    • Monster Guts x1
    • Demon Fossil x1
    • Kodongo Tail x1
    • Keese Wing x1
      • 800 Rupees

The heavily inspired Energy Gear is crafted from rare materials in the Volcano. This outfit increases the size of your Energy Gauge by 50%, which allows you to use items more often.

Cozy Parka

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Cozy ParkaSayonara, slips!
    • Fluffy Fuzz x1
    • Serpent Fangs x1
      • 800 Rupees

A few trips to the Ice Cavern and you'll have the Cozy Parka in no time. Wearing this Ice Climbers costume allows you to walk on ice without slipping. You won't know how incredible this outfit is until you try it.


  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits HammerwearTime to hammer!
    • Tiny Snowflake x1
    • Crimson Shell x1
    • Freezard Water x1
    • Chill Stone x1
      • 1000 Rupees

Hammerwear can be obtained from some rare materials in the Ice Caverns. With this costume on, the Hammer item becomes twice as powerful as before!

Tingle Tights

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Tingle TightsKooloo-Limpah!
    • Fluffy Fuzz x1
    • Tiny Snowflake x1
    • Freezard Water x1
      • 1000 Rupees

Some rare materials from the Ice Caverns will let you construct the Tingle Tights. While wearing this outfit, balloons tied to your back will pop whenever you fall, saving you from losing a heart up to three times per life.

Cacto Clothes

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Cacto ClothesCactus practice!
    • Supple Leaf x1
    • Thornberry x1
      • 1000 Rupees

The Cacto Clothes makes a fool out of any foe that has the audacity to approach you. If an enemy bumps into you while wearing this costume, they take damage.

Sword Suit

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Sword SuitPowered-up sword!
    • Stiff Puff x1
    • Silver Thread x1
    • Royal Ring x1
      • 1000 Rupees

Plundering some materials from the Fortress eventually nets you the Sword Suit. Wearing this costume causes your sword to deal double damage. Sword Beams also emit from your sword at full health.

Rupee Regalia

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Rupee RegaliaIt's raining Rupees!
    • Royal Ring x1
    • Antique Coin x1
    • Fancy Fabric x1
      • 1200 Rupees

Rare materials from the Fortress are used in the crafting of Rupee Regalia. This outfit increases the drop rate of rupees! Additionally, double rupees will drop whenever the wearer of this costume uncovers them.

Queen of Hearts

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Queen of HeartsSo many hearts!
    • Mystery Jade x1
    • Fairy Dust x1
    • Star Fragment x1
    • Exquisite Lace x1
      • 1200 Rupees

The Queen of Hearts is crafted with rare materials from the Woodlands, Riverside, Volcano, and Fortress. Gain 3 extra heart containers while wearing this outfit. If all 3 heroes are wearing this costume, your health effectively doubles.

Cheetah Costume

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Cheetah Costume OutfitsCheet the system!
    • Divine Whiskers x1
    • Beastie Patch x1
    • Brittle Papyrus x1
      • 1500 Rupees

Gain access to the Cheeta Costume by gathering gold materials from the Coliseum. Wearing this outfit grants you the ability to run twice as fast!

Dunewalker Duds

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Dunewalker DudsOutrun quicksand!
    • Palm Cone x1
    • Ancient Fin x1
    • Stal Skull x1
      • 1200 Rupees

Adventure in the Dunes for the materials to craft Dunewalker Duds. This costume allows you to safely stand on quicksand without sinking.

Gust Garb

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Gust GarbGusty goodness!
    • Vintage Linen x1
    • Gibdo Bandage x1
    • Sandy Ribbon x1
      • 1500 Rupees

The Dunes are a great place to farm for the materials needed for the Gust Garb. This outfit upgrades the Gust Jar to shoot further and faster gusts of wind.

Ninja Gi

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costume Outfits Ninja GiDash in a flash!
    • Rainbow Coral x1
    • Ancient Fin x1
    • Vintage Linen x1
    • Gibdo Bandage x1
    • Stal Skull x1
      • 1500 Rupees

The Ninja Gi is crafted from rare materials from Riverside and the Dunes. Pressing the Dash button (L/R) while wearing this costume grants the ability to instantly dash and deal triple damage while doing so.

Light Armor

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Light ArmorLight the way!
    • Currumpkin x1
    • Spider Silk Lace x1
    • Poe Soul x1
      • 1200 Rupees

Gather materials around the Ruins in order to craft Light Armor. Wearing this outfit illuminates the area around Link with a warm light. However, be cautious around anyone wearing this costume in the PvP Coliseum. It burns you when you touch it.

Fire Blazer

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Fire BlazerBlaze your path!
    • Mystery Extract x1
    • Twisted Twig x1
    • Lava Drop x1
      • 1500 Rupees

Rare materials in the Ruins allows for the creation of the Fire Blazer. Wearing this costume with the Fire Gloves upgrades them to shoot 3 fireballs at a time.

Serpent's Toga

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Serpent's TogaRock solid!
    • Ice Rose x1
    • Carrumpkin x1
    • Mystery Extract x1
    • Poe Soul x1
    • Twisted Twig x1
      • 1500 Rupees

The Serpent's Toga is crafted with rare materials from Ice Cavern and the Ruins. If you stand still while wearing this outfit you turn to stone. Stone Link is invincible to all but falling damage. This is great for tricking out people in the Coliseum, just don't let them pick you up.


  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits ShowstopperSteal the spotlight!
    • Vibrant Brooch x1
    • Pretty Plume x1
    • Mock Fairy x1
    • Aurora Stone x1
      • 2000 Rupees

Showstopper is created from rare materials found in at Fortress and Sky Realm. Enemy attention is drawn to the one wearing this costume.


  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits RobowearGrab and go!
    • Cucco Feathers x1
    • Carmine Pearl x1
    • Sky Dragon Tail x1
    • Pretty Plume x1

Traveling around the Sky Realm will net you enough materials to make Robowear. Wearing this outfit with the Gripshot will extend its range, increase its speed, and let it inflict damage upon foes.

Sword Master Suit

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Sword Master SuitMaster the sword!
    • Golden Insect x1
    • Gold Dust x1
    • Fabled Butterfly x1
      • 1500 Rupees

Collecting gold materials from the Coliseum allows for crafting of the Sword Master Suit. This costume doubles the damage and reach of your sword, and shoots Sword Beams at full health.

Spin Attack Attire

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Spin Attack AttireSpin to win!
    • Crystal Skull x1
    • Sanctuary Mask x1
    • Steel Mask x1
      • 2000 Rupees

The Spin Attack Attire is crafted with rare materials from the Dunes, the Ruins, and Sky Realm. Holding and releasing 'B' with this outfit on will execute a Spin Attack with double the radius.  Big Spin Attacks are immune to foe's direct attack hazards (such as Fire Keese).

Cheer Outfit

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Cheer OutfitCheer up!
    • Frilly Fabric x3
      • 100 Rupees

The Cheer Outfit is arguably the most expensive costume in the game to craft. Wearing this outfit increases the Energy Gauge of you and your teammates by 50%.

Dapper Spinner Kit

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Dapper Spinner Kit???
    • Freebies x10

Lose at the Daily Riches mini-game 10 times to unlock the Dapper Spinner Kit. Wearing this costume allows you to execute easy spinning attacks by pressing 'B' three times in a row.

Dress for Success

Now that you know what each costume is capable of, you can conquer the Drablands in style! Don't be afraid to reach out of your comfort zone! Most outfits found in Tri Force Heroes are extremely useful in their own situations. Never turn down the chance to plan a fashionable advantage over your foes.

If you are having troubles collecting some of the rarer materials, make sure to check out our Materials Guide.

How many costumes have you collected in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes? Which outfit do you find yourself wearing the most?

Sound off in the comments below!

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