Steel Series Announces Exclusive Sims 4 Peripherals

Steel Series announces their exclusive line of The Sims 4 products.

With the release of The Sims 4 right around the corner (hopefully), it's no surprise that one of the most anticipated entries into the large franchise will come with some pretty neat, exclusive peripherals.

Steel Series announced today that they're partnering with EA to create a headset, mouse, and QCK pad around The Sims 4.

Pre-order details for these peripherals can be found here, and preorder information for The Sims 4 can be found here.

The QCK Pad

Steel Series's QCK mouse pad is personally one of my favorite. Though it tends to draw cat hair (my white cat is doing me no favors here), the smooth micro-fiber surface makes for an excellent workspace.

Shown above, this new Sims 4 QCK pad will come in at $14.99.

The Headset


The headset, priced at $39.99, features the Sim symbol on each earpiece, and will actually change color depending on the mood of your Sim. Requiring a USB connection, Steel Series promises that this slim design offers excellent sound quality as you play through the life of your Sim.

The Mouse

The mouse reflects the emotional feature of the headset, and the symbol will change colors depending on the mood of your Sim. It has a three-button ergonomic design with a glossy finish. A pretty snazzy Sims mouse, if you ask me.

The mouse will retail for $29.99.

Though EA has not officially announced a release date, The Sims 4 will release on Origin and through retail in both Deluxe and Limited Editions.

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Published Sep. 8th 2017

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