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What started as a "I wonder if I could do this" project became a madness, really.

I'm a writer by nature.  I've been playing DC Universe Online for a long while, and it struck me that there's a story in there waiting to be told.  There's a storyline you adventure along, but there's a larger one there too.  So that's where this came from.  The desire to tell the story of a reluctant and unsung hero in the DC Universe.

"Most of the heroes in DCUO go unnoticed, compared to the heavy hitters like Superman. Most are grunts on the ground doing the important, daily work to keep Metropolis safe. This is one story."

How did I do it?  400 screenshots, 64 gig of drive space, running an instance too many times to count, and filming it so I could understand Zatanna's spell.  Seriously, that's messed up.

What's posted here are the first few pages.  If you want to see more, they're all on a Deviant Art page you can find at http://mud2mmo.deviantart.com/gallery/44734854

I'm also looking for some feedback, so opinions, good and bad, are appreciated.


And things get interesting...

And things get more interesting.



And things get even more interesting.

 Want to see more?  http://mud2mmo.deviantart.com/gallery/44734854

Published Jul. 14th 2013

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