Director provides insight on possible new enemies for Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura shares some insight to fans about the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 game.

Fans have been waiting anxiously for updates on Kingdom Hearts 3. Now, it has already been announced that Kingdom Hearts 2.8 will be released before KH3, but 2.8 will provide us patient fans with a prologue to the next Kingdom Hearts. Thankfully, Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura met with fans during a Q&A panel during a forum conducted by the game's developers to give a little insight about KH3.

Nomura stated that there is still no exact release date, but still managed to keep fans appeased with slight information about the enemies within the game. Kingdom Hearts 3's newest trailer revealed a nobody with a scythe and flower petals.

After viewing the trailer, a fan asked Nomura if it was possible for the nobody to be a former Organization member. Nomura replied with "It's easy to imagine." then averted the question by telling fans to wait for more promotional materials.

One other fan was curious as to whether or not the current enemies would play an important role within the story. Nomura then replied with "I want to make it so that you can tell who had come to that world by the enemies that appear there." He went on to explain how he is currently working on more enemy types.

After this interview, it is not certain, but safe to assume that there will be another enemy type and that the Organization will still have an impact within the story's main plot. Sadly, there is still no release date and fans will have to remain happy with the newly released trailer. Below I have provided the new trailer for all who wish to view it.


Published Jan. 8th 2016

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