Whatever happened to those classic and offbeat game series?

World Of Goo 

With refreshingly different gameplay, iconic and instantly recognizable graphics, and great sound effects, this first game from 2D Boy was destined to receive wild accolades and award after award.

The developer seemed poised to absolutely dominate this niche of the gaming market... only nothing else ever happened. The 2D Boy website still exists, but there's never been another game made and nothing is currently in the works.

Both Kyle Gabler and Ron Caramel went on to create Indie Fund, which helps fund other small time developers and has been involved with everything from Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine to the stand-alone version of Half-Life 2 mod Dear Esther.

Kyle Gabler also worked on the 2012 Wii U title Little Inferno, which was a welcome experience for fans of World Of Goo. At this point that seems to be the extent of it though, and its unlikely we'll ever get a Goo sequel or a new 2D Boy game at all.

Other developers have taken up the torch since then, both on the cute side and the physics side. One of the most recent is the equally odd physics-based game Slime Rancher.

Published Oct. 11th 2016

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