Whatever happened to those classic and offbeat game series?


Once the single most popular Facebook game in existence, Farmville was famous for bugging the hell out of everyone with a computer before people figured out you could turn off notifications for game requests.

Since the game's popularity faded and people moved on to anything with the word "Crush" or "Saga" in the title, there apparently were Farmville 2, Farmville: Tropic Escape, and Farmville: Country Escape all released at some point over the years.

Developer Zynga has definitely had its share of ups and downs since Farmville changed people's perceptions of what you could do on social media. According to Statista, daily active users for all Zynga games has fallen from 72 million in 2012 to 18 million this quarter of 2016 in a nearly MySpace-level drop off.

Zynga currently has 54 discontinued games and 35 active ones – which is kind of nuts for a company started in 2007. Considering how most of them are the same thing with different skins over top, and the company's many shady connections to scam ads, maybe it's for the best that the “discontinued” column continues to grow.

Any of our readers out there still actively playing Farmville at this point?

Published Oct. 11th 2016

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