Fallout 4: Five things fans want to see

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Yesterday, Bethesda dropped a nuclear bombshell by way of announcing another arduous trek into the dangerous, post-apocalyptic wastes of the Fallout Universe.

Fans are – as very much expected – in quite a furor. With no actual details provided as to the nature of the game past that it's happening, questions are being flung around with more weight than ever. Where will we be going? Having seen only a few glimpses as to the landscape we'll be setting foot in, it's completely open for speculation. California? Boston? Texas? Even inside or outside the US is still unconfirmed by Bethesda.

Location isn't the only thing being discussed at length, though. Just about everything that falls under the Fallout 4 umbrella is being talked about, including gameplay features fans would – or wouldn't – like to see.

What are a few key things that could make, break or just provide a nice little touch to the upcoming title?

Published Jun. 4th 2015

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