The 7 Best PvP MMORPGs on the Market in Early 2020


  • Developer: XLGAMES
  • Platforms: PC

PvP aspect is central to ArcheAge and is the foundation of most of its content. This is one of the few games where the confrontation of guilds and political games are paramount.

Initially, all players are divided into two factions and six races: Nuians, Elves, Dwarves, Firran, Harani, and Warborn. Two factions can fight each other always and everywhere with the exception of starting locations.

In this regard ArcheAge follows the free-PvP principle, which is very rare for an MMORPG title. This means that players can kill both representatives of the enemy faction and of their own, too. Of course, there is punishment for killing your own faction, but the fact that it's even possible makes ArcheAge truly wild.

One of the best parts about Archeage is doing trade runs across the ocean with your friends. It's a real social experience, and if you lime risk in your PvP, then this should make it really exciting for you.

Lastly, the current version of the game has two pay methods: free-to-play (regular ArcheAge with cash shop), and buy-to-play (ArcheAge Unchained, without shop). So it's up to you which version you wish to delve into.

Published Dec. 11th 2019

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