God Wars Future Past Guide: How to Quickly Earn JP

Check this guide out to earn JP faster in God Wars Future Past!

When you go through battles in God Wars: Future Past, you get both experience and JP (Job Points). Experience will level up your character, which leads to increased stats. JP, however, are the points you earn for your currently equipped Jobs. These let you unlock more skills, which greatly strengthens your character.

This takes quite a while to do, but there is a way to earn them faster. I'm going to go over that in this handy guide

How to Quickly Earn JP in God Wars: Future Past

This method will work in any type of battle, though I prefer to Shrine battles because they are faster and don't have story tied to them.

There are 2 types of actions you can do during your turn that will earn EXP and JP:

  • Normal Attacks
  • Skills

Normal Attacks, and defeating enemies with normal attacks, will usually grant less Job Experience than skills. Not all skills will give more Job Experience, though. Only skills that damage enemies or buff/heal other allies give more JP.

A good way to earn JP quickly is to simply use skills every turn. This is much easier for casters, because you can earn JP without damaging the enemy to prolong the fight and earn more. There is also a passive you can unlock to earn more JP, which I recommend on every character.

Also, be sure to use a skill every turn, even if you are not within range of anyone. Getting some JP is better than none, and it adds up over time.

Using Proficiency+

god wars future past job guide

This Priest skill is a passive -- so all you have to do is unlock it, then equip as one of your 3 passive skills. Even if you change Jobs after, you will keep the effects of this skill as long as it is equipped. So this is another great way to farm more JP if you meet the requirements for it.

Just remember, you only earn JP for your currently equipped Jobs.


That's it for my guide how to quickly earn JP in God Wars Future Past. Let me know if you have any questions. If you are just starting with the game, be sure to check out our God Wars: Future Past beginner's guide or the rest of our God Wars: Future Past guides to make sure you're starting on the right foot as you play this tactical RPG. 

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Published Jun. 23rd 2017

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