ARK: Survival Evolved update adds babies and breeding

Ark: Survival Evolved adds new breeding features, and the Mosasaurus

Have you ever wanted to breed your own dinosaurs? Does building a mobile base on top of an enormous dinosaur sound awesome? If you said yes to these questions, then ARK: Survival Evolved's new update is something you should check out.

ARK announced plans to add new features like creature breeding and baby dinosaurs. The update notes found here also mention a new dinosaur heading to the game, the Mosasaurus. 

The update notes go into detail regarding the use of breeding new dinosaurs:

"Survivors will be given the opportunity to pair two members of the same species together, even across Tribes if you’ve got a particularly well-endowed creature, and the resulting offspring will have random selection of traits from both parents, along with a degree of arbitrary mutation! Your new tiny friends will grow dynamically in real time and will need to be cared for to reach their ultimate potential."

Also from the update notes, the "Terror of the Deep" (the Mosasaurus) is coming to ARK. The Mosasaurus is described as being "is the largest creature that lives within the ARK’s vast ocean". The notes go on to describe some interesting uses for the Mosasaurus, one of which is "to build mobile aquatic bases upon it’s back". The new features will give players more ways to play and hopefully survive.


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Published Oct. 17th 2015

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