Total War Battles: KINGDOM Releases "Viking Explorers" Update

Total War Battles: KINGDOM has released its "Viking Explorers" update.

Real-time strategy game Total War Battles: KINGDOM just released its second major update. Version 1.2, "Viking Explorers," allows players to join the "formidable" Vikings in battle and a search for resources.

The update features a Viking Outposts mode, which, according to the game's dev blog, allows players to compete against one another for gold. Players will send the Vikings to new islands, so they can gather resources and send them back in shipments. Winning the competition involves making the most shipments within seven days. The top 35 percent in a given region receive a small reward, while the top 10 percent receive gold worth twice their investments.

The blog also notes the additions of five new Viking units: the Viking Hunters, Viking Archers, Viking Axemen, Viking Swordsmen and Viking Lords. These units can help your army in battle and each come with three options for unit skills.

Other additions include a new flood relief system, an improved PvP interface and matchmaking, more frequent entry into the Kingdom archive, an option to reset a unit skill and improved fishing grounds.

Total War Battles: KINGDOM is available for PC, iOS and Android. It is free to download and play.


Published Jun. 17th 2020

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