Dungeon Fighter Online OBT 1 Ends Tomorrow, OBT 2 Brings Knight

DFO Global's first open beta ends tomorrow, but the second phase is coming with a new class.

I'm more than a little excited that Dungeon Fighter Online is coming back, and on that same token I'm sad to see the first open beta phase come to a close tomorrow.

This first beta phase began on March 24th, with much fanfare from Neople themselves and the English-speaking community. It's been just under three weeks, and the positive energy from both the fans and the developers has been a real treat.

Thanks to the overwhelming response from the community, Neople are pushing forward with the second open beta phase in the near future. OBT 2 will be bringing the Knight class to DFO Global for the first time ever.

The trailer shown in the header above shows off the Knight, as well as her two subclasses, the Elven Knight and Chaos. This marks the game's first (and likely only) sword and board character.

While things look bright for now, Neople is still calling out to the Dungeon Fighter Online community to bring more people in and play the game come the second open beta phase. They need to see more interest to solidify the game's new global release -- so if you haven't gotten the word out to your friends, get to it! The future of DFO Global is in the community's hands.

For now, let's have some fun and bid OBT 1 farewell. OBT 2 will come soon enough, as will the Knight.

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Published Apr. 11th 2015

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