Descent designer is owed "tens of thousands" in royalties from Interplay

The designers of Descent and Descent 2 are owed "tens of thousands" of royalties from Interplay.

The original designers of Descent and Descent 2 are owed "tens of thousands" of dollars in royalties from game publisher Interplay. 

In an interview with Kotaku co-creator, Matt Toschlog said that he and his partner Mike Kulas have not been paid any royalties for the sale of their games Descent and Descent 2 since 2007. Matt explained in the interview that himself and Mike still own the copyright of their two games. Even though Interplay owns the Descent trademark, they should be paying royalties to Matt and Mike for the sales of the games they created.

Interplay was also unable to pay royalties to Matt and Mike back in 2002. It was only after the sale of the Fallout franchise was Interplay able to pay back the royalties they owed to Matt and Mike. 

At the moment, Matt and Mike are considering to take legal action against Interplay, due to the lack of payments. Both Descent and Descent 2, have been removed from the website because of the dispute and the two devs are working on getting the games taken down from  Steam.


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Published Jan. 8th 2016
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    Is that Descent or Descent 2 in your header image? My dad and I played this game for years together. Both of us couldn't remember what the game was called when we talked about it recently.
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    The header image is from the first Descent

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