Interview: Mo Mo O'Brien Talks LARPing

Who better to explain the wonderful world of live-action roleplaying than an active LARPer herself; Mo Mo O'Brien!

Many people enjoy games for the simple fact that they can shut off from their normal, every-day lives and become something magical, powerful and totally unique. But wouldn't it be great if you could take this enjoyment to the next level, incorporating the gaming world with your real one?

You're in luck my friend; LARPing is here for your other-wordly needs! 

mo mo obrienI had a chat with Mo Mo O'Brien (Morgan O'Brien): a YouTube personality who is becoming increasingly well-known for her quirky personality, singing, and LARPing interest!

GameSkinny:What exactly is LARPing?

Mo Mo: LARP stands for 'live action role play', but I like to describe it as: a huge game of make-believe for adults!

GS: How does LARPing tie in with video games? Would all gamers enjoy it?

Mo Mo: The level of immersion: in both video games and LARP we take on different roles and situations, but with LARP you move a lot more than your thumbs. Fighting a goblin in Skyrim is a much different experience than fighting a guy dressed up like a goblin in the real world. LARP definitely isn't for everyone though, it all depends on a persons preference for immersion. If you're a gamer but wish you could take your immersion to another level then I highly suggest LARP. Some popular games even have LARP spin-offs; there's a really popular Fallout LARP!

If I saw a real-life mutant in a Fallout LARP, I just might have a heart attack!

GS: What got you into larping and what about it made you want to carry on?

Mo Mo: I started larping as most LARPers do; thinking it was going to be a one time thing. Character creation has always been one of my favourite parts of video games so that process was a lot of fun because the options are a lot less limited than most games. When I actually got to the site I almost up chucked in the car I was so nervous but everyone was accepting and helpful which made me feel super comfortable. Once the game began I instantly knew I had to come back. It was love at first sight...or love at first Ork raid I guess.

GS: Tell us about your character!

Mo Mo: I play a bard named Patch. She's a Wolven (a humanoid wolf), who wields a hammer the size of her, and is a huge coward. I love playing weaklings and wimps because it's a nice release from the pressure of reality to always be brave and responsible. She's also super sarcastic and witty but turns to an awkward ball of fluff if cute boys talk to her.

GS: Is it difficult staying in character for so long?

Mo Mo: That's something a lot of players struggle with. It all depends on how different your character's personality is to yours and how much other players make the effort to stay in character. It's definitely tricky but character role play is my favourite part of LARP. You get to see your character develop, watch their relationship with other characters unfold, and write your own adventurous stories, using your character as a vessel. Also, it's also a lot of fun to take a break from being yourself for a while.

GS: What's your top LARPing moment so far?

Mo Mo: That's tricky... I think the most surreal moment for me happened at the last event I was at: It was 3 in the morning and only a handful of my friends and I were still awake when we got a visitor to camp; the waking nightmare. A demon we had been warned about who was fueled by terror. The demon managed to herd Patch away from the others. My character is the most cowardly one on camp, so the farther away she got from her friends, the more scared she became. The demon ran after her. I have never run so far and fast in my entire life! While she was running the demon started tormenting her; saying that he could smell her fear and how running was useless, until finally offering to take the fear away for the price of her soul. Just as she was running through a puddle the demon ran in front of her, but was followed by a friend of Patch's named Grom who ran right between them, nose to nose with the demon. Yeah, she has a crush on him now...

My brain now feels full of fantasy and role-playing needs which even a good game of Dungeons and Dragons will not be able to fulfill! If you feel the same then perhaps LARPing is something that has been missing from your couch-loving, button-smashing life. So, let's get physical! (But not too physical.. this is still a game remember!)

Mo Mo's top tip: "Die loud or die permanently"

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Published Aug. 25th 2014
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