Blade & Soul launching for all players tonight at 12AM EST/9PM PST

Blade & Soul's launch is just hours away. Get hype, but heed this word of warning about the biggest NA/EU servers.

It's almost time, huh? Time for Blade & Soul to finally show its face on the English-speaking market and test its mettle against other action MMOs. Time to --

Man, I'm hype. I'm not doing this somber over-dramatic junk. Blade & Soul is officially launching in less than eight hours from the time of writing and I am H-Y-P-E. No more sitting around waiting for news from NCsoft for three years, no more dealing with 200+ ping on the Chinese servers, and no more getting bored with the beta because a wipe was coming.

Head Start ends this evening as launch begins, with Founder's Pack players already having had since Friday to get themselves ready for the influx of brand new players.

Launch starts tonight at 12AM EST/9PM PST/6AM CET. After that time, you and your friends will be able to hop on and see what's so special about the combat when compared with other action MMOs.

A word of warning for anyone not a Founder:

If you're playing the game for the first time, do not go to the Mushin and Windrest servers this week unless you have to.

Both servers are packed with veteran players from foreign releases and alpha/beta. The queues to get in are going to be much longer than anywhere else and the players there will eat you alive. Play it safe to play it at all (and not staring at a 5+ hour free player queue screen) by rolling elsewhere. Premium members get shorter queues but they're still crazy long in Mushin and Windrest.

If you get in and find yourself confused, you may want to give my Blade & Soul beginner's FAQ a read to make your first few days in the game a little less difficult and far less confounding.

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Published Jan. 18th 2016

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