Plug In Digital and Incredible Concepts Offer Indie Game Designers 70 Distribution Channels

Incredible Concepts and Plug In Digital offer a new distribution network to help indie game developers bring their new and old video games to players.

Plug In Digital, a top video game distribution firm, and Incredible Concepts, a newly formed company, announced a one-of-a-kind partnership offering indie game developers up to 70 distribution channels for their new and old video games, called Indie Game Wide Distribution. 

Francis Ingrand and Tomas Ahlstrom, two interactive gaming industry professionals with years of experience developing and selling video games, founded Indie Game Wide Distribution to make is easier for indie game developers to distribute their new and old indie video games to players around the world.

"It's very easy and straight forward; the developers focus on making awesome games and we focus on distribution and sales", say Francis Ingrand, founder and CEO of Plug In Digital

"Indies are very happy to get help with distribution and PR. They appreciate our straight forward revenue split deal", say Tomas Ahlström, founder of Incredible Concepts

What does this mean for indie game developers?

This news takes some of the pressure off indie Game developers looking for a way to distribute their new and old video games more effectively. It should also simplify the process of distributing indie games using a single contract and sales report each month and possibly make it more cost-effective. 

How will indie gamers benefit?

Indie gamers will benefit by having easier access to the indie games they love to play at, hopefully, a better price. We'll have to wait and see the prices on indie games through Indie Game Wide Distribution and whether the idea is popular with game developers. 

The new partnership looks sound; Plug In Digital will be handling distribution of indie games, while Incredible Concepts will look for new games to feature, and offer a free press release service for indie game developers.

To date, five indie video games and their developers have signed contracts to use this distribution services for their video games. We expect this new indie game distribution service will be very popular with indie developers and gamers.


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Published May. 12th 2014

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